This Guy Surprised His Grandmother With The Sweetest Gift To Thank Her For Getting Him Through College

Parents are capable of so much love and care for their children.

They are willing to make certain sacrifices for them, and they do their best to give them a good and comfortable life. Parents only want to see their children grow up to become good people who have reached their full potentials in life.

However, parents or parent figures are different for every person, and for Twitter user Ali, he has his grandmother to be grateful for. She is his source of unconditional love and support, and she is definitely his biggest fan.



Without his grandmother, Ali may not have made it through college, so he gave her the sweetest gift to thank her. He surprised her with a brand new oven one afternoon, and she screamed and jumped for joy as soon as she entered the kitchen and saw it.

His grandmother’s reaction was captured in a video, and he posted it on Twitter. As of this writing, the video has gained more than 3 million views. Ali has also started a GoFundMe page to help his grandmother to renovate her home.

To donate, click here for Ali’s grandmother’s GoFundMe page.




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