A Father Got Revenge On A Babysitter After He Caught Her Sleeping And Neglecting His Children

Parents do their best to give their children a good and comfortable life, so they work hard to make a living.

With that being said, they cannot always be at home to look after their children, which is why they hire babysitters.

However, not all babysitters can responsibly take care of children. Christopher and his wife, for instance, hired a babysitter named Sarah. He and his wife had already left for work one day, but he forgot some important papers, so he went back home to get them.

That was when he saw Sarah comfortably sleeping on the sofa instead of looking after his kids. Christopher decided to get revenge on her, so he abducted his own children to teach her a lesson. He also took photos and a video of the babysitter while sleeping as proof.

After two hours, Sarah started blowing up his phone with calls. Christopher didn’t answer her calls though, so she was forced to admit that the children were missing via text messages.

Below is Christopher and Sarah’s heated conversation:





Christopher eventually revealed that he took his kids after he saw Sarah neglecting them. He also tried to press charges against her, but was advised that he couldn’t, so he shared his story on Facebook instead, and it went viral all over social media.

Here is Christopher’s viral Facebook post about the incident:




Angry Dad Finds Babysitter Sleeping On The Job, Then Gets Revenge

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