This Photo Of A “Grumpy Boy” Incredibly Took The Internet By Storm

In this time and generation, the internet and different social media platforms have been a part of many people’s everyday lives.

They are not only used for communication purposes, but also for various uses, such as entertainment.

Online entertainment comes in different forms like videos, trending posts and viral photos, which pique the interest and curiosity of people. Cute babies and funny animals are two of the most popular focus of entertainment on the internet.

little boy drawing with chalk at the floor

Grumpy Cat, for instance, became an internet sensation because of his permanently angry-looking face. More recently, “Grumpy Boy” seems to have taken the internet by storm with his very unimpressed facial expression.

Reddit user wrud4d posted a throwback photo of her “friend’s boyfriend” when he was in kindergarten. It was his class photo, and he looked rather unhappy about it because he had a very contorted frown on his face, which a lot of people found quite hilarious.

The photo has gained over 800 comments on Reddit, and it went viral all over the internet.



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