Panoorin: Isang Babae, Nag-viral Matapos Siyang Manampal Ng Matandang Taxi Driver

In this time and generation, the internet and different social media platforms have been a part of many people’s everyday lives.

They are not only used for communication purposes, but also for various uses, such as a source of news and information, among others.

A lot of people, if not all, have access to the internet, and they can post almost anything on it. In fact, there are people who become viral all over social media because of the things that are posted about them online, whether they are informed about it or not.

This woman in the Philippines, for instance, went viral after she slapped an elderly taxi driver in the middle of the road somewhere in Quezon City. At first, it seemed like she was confronting the driver, who was inside his taxi.


But then she started shouting at the elderly man, and it looked like she slapped him on the face. After a while, the driver went out of his vehicle, and sat on the side of the road, while holding his face. Meanwhile, the woman continued on angrily confronting him.


VIRAL: BABAE NANAMPAL NG MATANDANG TAXI DRIVER SA QC | Kuha sa cellphone video na ito (courtesy of Joshua Baluyot) ang babaeng nanampal ng matandang taxi driver sa Quezon City. Napaupo sa gilid ng kalsada ang pobreng matanda habang iniinda ang ginawa sa kanya ng hindi pa nakikilalang babae.

Posted by The Filipino Times on Sunday, December 17, 2017

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