A Surfer Punched A Great White Shark And Ended Up Having An “Unpleasant Morning”

Unexpected events are bound to happen in every person’s life, and the end result depends on how a person reacts to those instances.

A surfer named Marcel Brundler, for instance, experienced something jaw-dropping when he was surfing in the waters off of Cathedral Rocks beach on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.




He was in the water when he noticed a dolphin swimming nearby, however, he eventually realized that it was a shark.

“I realized fairly quick because it was more than half a metre wide, with a massive dorsal fin, and it looked at me. Then it kind of dived off, came back and circled me, and took a fair notch out of my board, circled me again, then it got me on my wettie, it got me on my hip,” Marcel told ABC News.



He was able to survive the attack by using his surfboard and punching what was believed to be a great white shark. In the end, Marcel had a few bite marks on his surfboard, “a little scrape on (his) skin,” and ended up with an “unpleasant morning.”



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