This Woman Fearlessly Feeds And Plays With A 15-Foot Crocodile

Crocodiles are considered as “killer reptiles,” and they are often feared by people.

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A woman from Borneo, on the other hand, was not afraid of a huge crocodile at all, and she even casually fed it after it approached her wooden home on stilts to beg for food.



The woman was playing with the crocodile by splashing its snout with a hosepipe, and she was tossing scraps of seafood to feed it. The unusual moment occurred in the Indonesian coastal town of Bontang in the Kalimantan Timur district of Borneo.


The “friendly” crocodile is believed to be between 12 ft. to 15 ft. long. Agus Trianto was the one who shared the amazing story of the woman called “mother Ambo,” who is one of his neighbors. “The woman in the video is one of my neighbors. We only know her as ‘mother Ambo.’ She was cleaning the shell fish and took out the meat and gave some to the crocodile. He’s a friendly neighbor,” he said.

Agus added, “The crocodile regularly visits the house to pick up food. It is usually fisherman from the sea, they love to give fish to crocodiles.”



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