An Alleged Drunk Father Got Beaten In A Nursery School After Manhandling A Child

A video of an alleged drunk father was uploaded to the website Live Leak, and it went viral all over the internet.

He was kicked in the face and was brutally beaten in a nursery school after he allegedly manhandled a child at a crèche.



The incident happened at a play center in Vietnam, and in the video, the young boy can be seen running into the nursery with what seems to be a mobile phone. He was then followed by a man who attempted to take the phone from him.


The man grappled with the child on the floor, and a woman tried to take the boy away, but the man yanked the child towards him. They continued to wrestle on the floor until a man decided to intervene and other bystanders eventually joined in and beat the man up.

The man was motionless on the floor after the blows and hits against him, but he was later on assisted to stand on his feet. The child’s relationship with the man has not been confirmed, and the exact date and location of the incident is unknown.



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