A Thug Repeatedly Punched His Alleged Pregnant Girlfriend After She Confronted Him And His Mistress

Women do not deserve to be cheated on, more so to be physically and emotionally hurt by the people they love.

A thug reportedly named Terence Pakkirie was caught on a video repeatedly punching his alleged pregnant girlfriend after she confronted him and his alleged mistress in the street. The incident happened in Durban, South Africa, and the footage of it was posted on Twitter and shared on Facebook.




The pregnant victim was identified as Deshnie, who confronted and accused the man of having an affair. According to South African media, she threatened to tell Pakkirie’s employers, which is reportedly a law firm, about him not supporting his unborn child.




Social media users were furious after watching the video, and one of them commented: “Cannot allow men like this to go unpunished. How many times has he beat a woman in the past. He should be in jail as he is a thug.”

After the video went viral, Pakkirie reportedly addressed the incident on a post saying: “To all who hate me url watched a small clip * * judge wen you don’t even know the whole storie anyway to the person that put this video online thanks for making me famous.”



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