Si Maine Mendoza Nga Ba Ang Babaeng Nasa Viral Instagram Story Ni Jake Ejercito?

Celebrities are public personalities, and they are constantly under the limelight.

Being famous, they are more vulnerable to a lot of people’s hate, judgements and criticisms, and they tend to face certain issues and controversies that are being thrown their way.

Maine Mendoza, for instance, is undeniably one of the most famous celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry at present. She and her love team partner Alden Richards have a large fan base composed of loyal and dedicated individuals.

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She is currently involved in an issue after Jake Ejercito, the son of Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada, posted a photo of a girl covering her face on his Instagram Story on Saturday, November 25. His post went viral all over social media because a lot of people are speculating that the girl was Maine.

The Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) asked Jake about the issue, and he replied via a text message on Sunday night, November 26. He refused to talk about the matter saying, “No comment na lang muna ako.”

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When asked if he and Maine are dating, Jake responded, “Hindi rin, hahaha.”



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