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Nadine Lustre, Nadiskubre Ang Mga Blog Posts Ng Kaniyang Pumanaw Na Kapatid Tungkol Sa Depression At Suicide

After the unfortunate death of his 16-year-old brother, Isaiah, Nadine Lustre found his blog site wherein he talked about depression, suicide, and his failed romance. Isaiah, who would have been 17 years old today, October 13, 2017, reportedly took his own life by shooting himself in the head with a gun.



On his blog posts from June 27 to September 7, 2016, he talked about how he had been feeling saying,

“…i always end up thinking, you ask what?, pretty much about everything, what i do, what i should do, what i shouldnt, it doesn’t feel wrong, but it also doesn’t feel right, a little bit of both maybe …there’s this feeling that keeps coming back, cant explain it, its heavy from time to time, confusion maybe? …i wonder what it is, I cant seem to fill it or satisfy it.”

From September 7 to December 7, 2016, Isaiah talked about his unrequited love for someone. He confessed his love for that person, and their short-lived romance started in January 2017 and eventually ended in February.

The person he loved seems to be a guy because he used the pronouns “he,” “him” and “his” to refer to that person on his blog post on July 28, 2017. Isaiah wrote,

“I’ve tried to be the best version of myself for people around me, tried to please them and tried to impress, ive become someone so focused on a person of interest and made him my world, committed to someone that did not ask anything from me from the beginning.

To love is to feel pain, to feel pain is to be human, only the insane equate pain and suffering with success, but insanity was never an enemy of mine, Ive stabbed my own heart in hopes for a saviour, he came, but when his job was done, he left, and im back in the mist of my false hopes, dreams and fantasies, I pretend, I act, I lie, I wound, like a caged animal.”

On June 26, 2017, he revealed on a blog post that he attempted to commit suicide saying,

“Ive tried to kill myself, once, with a shard of glass in hand I tried to cut deep on my arms but to no avail, now that I look back to it now, what difference would it make?
Absolutely nothing.
When you die in this world people may hold a funeral for you, maybe a few people will cry, and leave some sad for days, weeks, months, years, then what?
They all move on with their lives, why?
Because there is no use in being sad, there is no use crying for something that is already gone, because it wont change a god damn thing.”

Nadine talked about Isaiah’s blog on her most recent Instagram post wherein she posted photos and a video of him. She mentioned how proud she is of him, and she thanked him for a very important lesson and for making her braver.


Finally, Nadine greeted Isaiah a “Happy Birthday Dude. 🎈”



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