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Inilibing Na Ang 4-Year Old Na Batang Ito Pero May Kakaibang Natuklasan Sa Bangkay Niya Nang Siya Ay Muling Hinukay

In Ilagan City, Isabela, a 4-year old girl named Jenny Rose Jacinto had a fever on August 28, 2017, but it became less severe the next day when she took some medicine.

However, her fever came back in the evening of the same day, and she was rushed to the Isabela Provincial Hospital.


Jenny Rose was eventually declared dead, and her body was buried on September 1, 2017. One of their relatives named Gemma Jacinto De Villa arrived, and she informed them that an albularyo (herb doctor) told her that the child was still alive.



That prompted them to go back to the cemetery and retrieve Jenny Rose’s body. They were all shocked to find out that her body was not hard and there were no signs of decomposition a couple of days after she died.

Jenny Rose’s family had been looking after her body, and they claimed that she had peed and pooped three times, so they had to put diaper on her. Her parents, Jimmy and Gina Jacinto, were hoping for a miracle, but in an interview with TV 5 Aksyon News, their family confirmed that Jenny Rose is, indeed, dead.


Inilibing na bata muling hinukayFrom Fb of Ofw kalingawan Ilagan, Isabela – Usap-usapan ngayon sa Ilagan City,…

Posted by Pinoy Confessions on Sunday, September 3, 2017

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