Kilalanin Ang Mga Batang Celebrities Na Mayroon Nang Sariling Bahay

There are a lot of celebrities who start their careers at a young age, and they eventually gain fame in the showbiz industry because of the talents and skills that they have to offer. Celebrities’ lives are not always so glamorous like people would think they are.

Being famous also has numerous disadvantages such as being more vulnerable to a lot of people’s hate, judgements, and criticisms. Almost everything that celebrities say or do seems to be under a microscope, and their words and actions can so easily be misinterpreted and turned into rumors or controversies.

Despite those negativities, celebrities are still fortunate to live the life that they have because they get to do what they love as their job. All of their fame and success also come with a lot of fortune, and they can afford to buy the expensive things in life. They can also invest on the important things like their own house.

The following Filipino child stars, for instance, already have their own house at such a young age!

1. Awra Briguela


2. Lyca Gairanod


3. Elha Nympha


4. AC Bonifacio


5. Xia Vigor



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