True Love! This Wealthy And Gorgeous Russian Woman Married A Poor Chinese Coal Miner!

Love is not defined by age, gender, religion, race, or financial status.

Instead, it is defined by how genuine it is, and by how much respect, honesty and loyalty two people, who are supposedly in love, have for each other.



A lot of couples in different places all over the world continue to prove that true love exists, and one of them is Sophia and Chen Jingyang. Sophia is a beautiful and wealthy 22-year old Russian woman, and she married a 28-year old Chinese coal miner named Chen Jingyang.


Sophia studied Chinese in the border city of Heihe five years ago, and she fell in love with the culture and people, so she decided to stay. She met Chen on WeChat wherein they conversed with each other until they eventually fell in love.


After 6 months of dating, Chen proposed to Sophia, and she said yes. The couple got married at a hotel in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, and Chen had to quit coal mining because they are going to put up a business in Russia, but they will still visit China because they consider it their home as well.





This Beautiful And Rich Russian Woman Marries A Coal Miner Despite Him Being Poor

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