OMG! These Famous Filipina Celebrities Had Unexpected Pregnancies!

Parenthood is such a big responsibility because it means that you are not only accountable for your own life, but also for the life of your child.

It is a lifetime commitment to love and take care of your child despite his/her age.

Parenthood changes a lot of things in a person’s life. Having a child makes a person see certain things differently. It is not an easy task to fulfill at all, but at the same time, it is rewarding, specially if you see your child grow up to become a good person.

Ideally, having a child should be planned accordingly because it is better if the soon to be parents are ready in all aspects of their lives. The following famous Filipina celebrities, on the other hand, did not plan on getting pregnant when they did, and they had unexpected pregnancies!

1. Andi Eigenmann

2. Jennylyn Mercado

3. Angelu de Leon

4. LJ Reyes

5. Bettinna Carlos

6. Sarah Lahbati

7. Katrina Halili

8. Valerie Concepcion

9. Aiko Melendez

10. Dina Bonnevie

11. Jean Garcia

12. Carlene Aguilar

13. Kris Aquino

14. Kylie Padilla



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