Ahron Villena, Nag-Apologize Para Sa Offensive Statement Niya Tungkol Sa Past Nila Ni Cacai Bautista!

Ahron Villena and Cacai Bautista used to have a very close relationship in the past. They were very sweet towards each other, and a lot of people thought that they were in a romantic relationship. All of that changed though, and the two are now very distant from each other.

During the media launch of her upcoming concert, “Live, Love, Laugh,” Cacai was asked about Ahron, and she said something very controversial, “Sinagot ko na ‘yan dati. Alam ko naman yun, and accepted ko naman kung ano man siya.”

Ahron was not happy about it at all, and he tweeted a photo of his statement regarding the issue. According to the actor, “Tanggap mo kung ano ako? Saan galing un? Bakit ano ba ang alam mo sa pagkatao ko? Naging tayo ba? Ako ang alam ko NEVER naging tayo. Nanahimik ako kasi marunong akong rumespeto sa babae. Pero siguro naman may karapatan din ako magsalita para maipagtanggol ko naman ang sarili ko.”

On July 22, 2017, Ahron wrote a long post on Facebook addressing his first statement about his past with Cacai, and he apologized for being offensive,

“This will be the last time na magsasalita ako about sa issue na ito. May mga ilan taong pumuna sa post ko. Karamihan dito mga hindi ko personal na kilala. May mga ilang personal friends din naman who encouraged me to speak out kasi kilala nila kung sino ako. Mayroon din naman iba na nakisali na sa gulo. Sabi i deserve to be outed because namahiya ako. Yes, the words I used in an earlier post related to this matter are quite strong. But those were not intentional. I am angry, and the words that came out are those of an angry person. I apologize if I became offensive but everything I said are true.
I personally believe that I did the right thing in having my ‘voice heard’ because I refuse to let my reputation be abused by a person who finds it convenient to use me for the promotion of her upcoming show. Those where honest words of an angry guy meant to express one’s feeling but not to shame anybody.
Ngayon eto na naman ako. Defending not my sexuality like what she intentionally implied, because some of you have obviously formed your own opinion base on what you want to believe. Pero gusto ko lang ihinga ang inis ko sa pagkakadawit ng pangalan ko sa promotion niya. Nahimasmasan na ako ng konti. Inis ako pero hindi na galit. So if you expect me to say something bad just because she has attacked my reputation, I won’t, in fact, I simply would like to say that I’m sorry dahil hanggang ngayon pala may sama pa rin yata siya ng loob sa akin. Sama ng loob na akala ko wala na dahil yun huli namin pagkikita ay nagbiruan pa kami at nagpahatid pa nga siya sa akin. At any rate, naniniwala ako that the malicious words she has stated simply stems out of sadness or bitterness of the fact that there was never an us. Sinasabi ko ito nang walang malisya o halong pangiinsulto. I’m simply stating a fact na alam kong malinaw sa akin, sa mga taong nakapaligid sa amin, at akala ko sa kanya rin. If i was not clear enough then i’m sorry. We were friends and i thought it was a good friendship. Para sa akin isa siyang kaibigan at mananatili siyang kaibigan especially when the time has come that she is able to let go of her other feelings but focus on the great friendship that we had. For now I will find it in my heart to forgive her, we all know that those words were only uttered because she continues to be hurt for something that never was and never will be. Again these words are not meant to hurt or insult. Simply stating a fact here, a fact that I’ve told her in private several times before as witnessed by our manager. Again this will be the last time I’ll say anything about the matter. Thank you for those who continues to believe and support me and for those who are angry or are attacking me I want to say that may God be our judge. Goodnight :)”




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