Wow! Ito Na Pala Ang Mga “Tween Hearts” Girls Ngayon!

There are celebrities who enter the showbiz industry at a young age. Being public figures, people witness them grow up into the persons that they are at present. Two of the most noticeable kinds of changes that happen to them are their physical appearances and the more mature roles that they play.

“Tween Hearts” was a youth-oriented television series in GMA, and a lot of young celebrities had been a part of it. They had the opportunity to showcase their amazing talents in acting, and many of them started gaining popularity in the said show.


The original cast of “Tween Hearts” were Barbie Forteza, Bea Binene, Joyce Ching, Louise delos Reyes, Lexi Fernandez, Joshua Dionisio, Jake Vargas, Kristoffer Martin, Derrick Monasterio, and Marlo Mortel.

The show lasted from 2010 to 2012, and it had four seasons. The cast may be tweens back then, but they are all grown up now, and they continue to thrive in the paths that they have chosen to take. The following “Tween Hearts” girls, for instance, have matured into beautiful and successful young women!

1. Barbie Forteza (as Bambi) – is one of the most famous Kapuso actresses in GMA at present, and she is constantly gaining a lot of opportunities in her showbiz career.

2. Bea Binene (as Belle) – has been a Kapuso artist for 13 years now, and like Barbie, she is also one of the most famous actresses in GMA.

3. Louise delos Reyes (as Luisa) – she was given a number of projects in GMA wherein she played lead roles, but she recently transferred to ABS-CBN.

4. Joyce Ching (as Aya) – is also one of the famous Kapuso actresses in GMA, and she has played a couple of lead roles in the past.

5. Lexi Fernandez (as Leslie) – she left the showbiz industry after the show, and she is now blogging, traveling, and studying Child Development and Education at the University of Asia and the Pacific, which she will finish soon.



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