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10 Sleeping PositionsThat Reveal What Kind of Relationship You Have. Find Out What Yours Is!



Did it ever cross your mind that your sleeping positions may not just be random? That the way you snooze could actually indicate what kind of lover you are to your partner? It’s actually very interesting to think about it because this is actually backed by psychology and science!


Want to know what kind of person husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend you are? Based on research by Pinoy Health and Fitness these are the sleeping positions and meanings behind them. Find what kind of sleeper and lover you are below.


1. The Groper

Gropers will are super duper clingy! If you sleep in this position then that means you and your partner can’t stand being away physically from each other for very long.

2. The Cradle

For cradlers, a relationship is founded on trust and security between two partners. This means you are feel secure and protected in your relationship.

3. The Spoons

Spooners wrap their arms around their partner when they sleep. This signifies that a partner may want or desire dominance and control in the relationship.

4. The Untangled

Couples who don’t touch physically or don’t feel the need to fall under the untangled category. This means both partners are secure in the relationship and/or are not particularly the touchy-feely kind of couple.

5. The Back Kiss

When a couple’s position causes their backs to kiss, this means they treat each others as equals and are quite independent. Although not dependent on each other they still desire and thrive with a connection thus make their backs touch or ‘kiss’ as they sleep.

6. Pillow Talk

When you and your partner face each other as if you are talking that means you like to talk a lot when you are awake. Heart-to-heart is your kind of conversation and you always take care of each other before going to bed.

7. The Awkward

Very common in relationships which are new. You and your partner are giving each other some space between your bodies but still maintain an emotional connection by holding hands.

8. The Drunkards

This kind of couple spend more time drinking away than actually sleeping. When face down on the bed is your position, it might be an indication of anxiety and hiding of emotions.

9. The Insomniacs

Couples who lie in bed to sleep but instead spend hours on their mobile and not facing each other. This might mean a ban on smartphones must be issued during sleeping time!

10. The Body Slam

When one partner is hogging the bed or taking up the other’s personal space there might be an indication of something wrong. It’s a sign that the body slammer tends to be on the selfish side.


Did you find your sleeping position on the list? Do you agree with the research done about what kind of lover you are?

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