OMG! Baron Geisler Allegedly Threatened To Shoot A Bus Driver!

Baron Geisler has been in the showbiz industry for a long time now, and he was one of the most famous young Filipino celebrities in the 90s. In his time in showbiz, Baron has faced a lot of serious issues and controversies.

He is once again facing another controversy after he had an altercation with a Florida bus driver and conductor in San Fernardo, Pampanga, and the news about it went viral all over social. In an interview with Bombo Radyo Laoag, the bus conductor named Romeo Cruz said that the actor overtook them, which caused them to stop in the middle of the road.

After that Baron got out of his car, and he reportedly started punching the driver’s side of the bus. He also allegedly threw bottles at the bus’ windshield when the police was about to come, and he even threatened the bus driver named Jeffrey Salvador that he would shoot him, so his passengers wouldn’t die.

Baron, on the other hand, said that the bus driver grazed his car. It was found out that the actor was under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened, but both parties were able to resolve the issue in the end.


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