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Nag-React Si Angel Locsin Matapos Gayahin Ni Maine Mendoza Ang Kaniyang Pagsasalita!

Maine Mendoza is one of the most famous celebrities in the showbiz industry at present.

She continues to thrive as an artist, and she is constantly gaining a lot of opportunities and success in both her personal life and showbiz career.

Maine has a lot of loyal fans who support her in all of her showbiz endeavors.

They do not only admire her for her beauty and talents, but also for her kind, humble and funny personality. Maine is undeniably funny and witty, and she can certainly make a lot of people laugh including the famous actress, Angel Locsin.

In one of Maine’s recent Instagram stories, she was with Angel’s impersonator, Jennie Gabriel, and they imitated Angel’s way of speaking. In the next video, Maine said that Angel replied to her because the actress was tagged in the first video.

Angel also tweeted that she found the video very funny saying, “Tawang tawa ako dito 😂 naglaro si Maine at Jen eh 😄😂😄”


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