Kawawa Naman! A Foster Mom Tied And Hung This 5-Year Old Girl After Allegedly Taking Milk!

A 5-year old Vietnamese girl was captured in a video being tied and hung by her foster mom as a punishment.

The poor child had her hands tied with a rope that was attached to a horizontal pole, and she was hanging a few feet above the ground.

The horrible scene happened in a building in Vinh Phuc Province, and the girl’s foster mom named Nguyen Thi Phuong was arrested after her cruel act.

The authorities were not certain if Phuong’s husband knew about her cruel treatment to the child, and he was not arrested.

The little girl was punished because she allegedly took a carton of milk, and according to Phuong, the child would often steal her things to sell for pocket money. Deputy chairman of Vinh Tuong District Le Chi Thai said that the girl was taken to the hospital for a checkup, and they found out that she didn’t suffer any serious physical harm.

The poor child’s parents were both imprisoned for unknown crimes, and that is why she was in foster care. According to Thai, what Phuong did to the little girl was unacceptable, and she will be prosecuted for it.

Watch the video here!

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