Ang Ganda Ng Bahay Nina Kyla At Rich Alvarez!

Kyla is famously known in the Philippines as the “R&B Princess.

” She is undeniably one of the famous singers in the showbiz industry at present, and she is constantly gaining a lot of opportunities and success in both her career and personal life.

Kyla is not only a successful career woman, but also a loving wife to her husband, Rich Alvarez, and a hands-on mother to their son, Toby.

In this video, the couple gave a tour of their house in the former show of ABS-CBN entitled “Kris TV.”

Their house’s design is modern Japanese, and it has a very serene vibe to it. The interior of the house is quite simple, but beautiful nonetheless, and it is very homely.

Their house has a high ceiling, which makes it even more spacious, and the color scheme is aesthetically pleasing. Kyla and Rich’s home is the definition of simple, but beautiful.

Watch the video here!

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