Amazing! This Police Officer Stopped An Attacker With A Hug Instead Of A Weapon!

A lot of heinous crimes are happening in different places over the world, and criminals are willing to do almost anything to get what they want. People should be mindful of their surroundings and other people they encounter because many criminals nowadays don’t even think twice about hurting and/or killing innocent people.

What the world needs right now is more love, unity, hope and positivity, and people should spread more of those around them. Being positive despite all of the chaos is the way to go, and we should not contribute anymore hate onto the world.

A police officer named Anirut Malee, for instance, did something amazing when a 45-year old attacker, who was holding a knife, entered a police station in Bangkok. Instead of using his gun, the officer talked to the attacker in a calm manner.

Anirut was able to convince the man to hand over his knife, and he even gave him a hug. The officers gave the attacker some water to calm him down. No charges were filed against the man, and he was brought to a hospital for a checkup on his mental health.

Watch the video here!

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