Emotional Story of Tulfo Helping a Mother Rescue Stolen Son From Drug Addict Father

Angela, a mother in desperate need for help, turned to Raffy Tulfo’s TV show for help after finding out that her baby boy had been taken by her live-in partner named Roniel without her knowledge or consent. Her partner, was allegedly a user of prohibited drugs or shabu and would become violent on Angela and her kids.

After getting Angela into the show, Tulfo immediately contacted the house of Roniel where it was his mother who picked up the phone. The mother wen’t on a rampage against Angela and declared that it was her fault Roniel had to take the child into his possession. She also said that her son had already been drug-free for 3 months. Not very good at controlling her mouth, she spewed additional information about her husband, Roniel’s father, also being addicted to shabu. Tulfo clearly gets annoyed and saysthat illegal drug users apparently runs in their blood as a family.

Tulfo then contacts police personnel and they proceed to helping Angela rescue her young child. They arrived at Roniel’s house, but not to find him there. The father, however, was there to shout some nonsensical remarks but eventually leading the TV crew, police, and social workers to where the little boy was hidden. The picture was truly heartbreaking as the child was but sleeping on a cardboard mattress.

Finally, after a few hours, Roniel shows up at the police station to confront Angel. Social workers and police make them agree to terms of child visitation. This episode was an emotional train-wreck but a good lesson can be learned from it.








Watch the full video here.

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