OMG! Grabe Ang Reaksyon Ng Lola Ni Charice Pempengco Sa Pagpalit Niya Ng Pangalan!

Charice Pempengco is one of the many Filipinos who have been recognized for their talents and skills in different countries all over the world.

Charice got the opportunity to have a singing and acting career in the U.S., and she has gained a lot of success with her albums, concerts and even appearances on t.v. series such as “Glee.”

In 2013, Charice shocked a lot of people when she admitted that she is a lesbian. She was in a four-year relationship with Alyssa Quijano, and they lived together, but they eventually broke up in 2017. Now, Charice made waves once again when she decided to change her name to Jake Zyrus.

A lot of people were, of course, surprised by her announcement, but many people were very supportive and positive about her decision. Charice even thanked the people who gave her support, and she expressed how happy she was on social media.

Sadly, Charice’s grandmother wasn’t as positive about her change of name, and she expressed her frustration on a Facebook post saying,

“Umuwi ka Charice Pempengco sa mami mo nuon paman ganyan ng gusto nyong gawin. gusto mong alising ang pempengco ang dugo mo galing sa pempengco at relucio ngayon sa pangalan na gusto mo nasa nso ba yan. Pag namatay ka saan ka ililibing ng mga bobong yan na walang pahintulot ang pinamulan mo pahahanapin kong lahat ang naka-involve dyan mga bobo. Nuong pinanganak ka nakareshistro ka sa gobyerno ngayon saan kapina rehistro sa impierno ng mg satanas na nakapaligid sayoakoy nananahimik lang Charice, tirador din ako lalo na sa mali!”


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